Hirers & operators of seismic systems

Products & Services

Along with our hire equipment we also offer project planning support, advice on equipment selection, shipping and logistical services, and technicians for installation and operation.

All our equipment is regularly serviced and can be mobilised rapidly.

Please see below for a list of our equipment – click the hyperlinks for further details and data sheets.
This list is not exhaustive; please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do what we can to help.

Airgun Controllers
Avalon Science RSS2 16 channel c/w radio link

Mini Bolt (1, 3 & 5cu/in)
Mini G (12, 20, 40 & 60cu/in)
Mini GI Gun (30 & 60cu/in)
G. GUN (150, 250, 380 & 520cu/in)
G.I GUN (50, 90, 150 & 210cu/in)

Hydrophone Arrays
Available for rental are digital and analogue hydrophone arrays, which can be supplied
with winches, digicourse controllers and skilled technicians.

SEAL fluid filled arrays (6.25 & 12.5m group interval)
SEAL SSAS EX solid arrays (12.5m group interval)
Teledyne 24ch gel filled arrays (3.125m group interval)
Applied Acoustics (20 element single channel)

Hydrophone Depth Controllers
Digicourse controllers
Digicourse 5011 compass levellers
Digicourse 5010 levellers

Seismic Recorders
Sercel 408 SEAL systems
Geometrics GEODES
Sercel 428 SEAL systems

Squid 2000 (2000 joules)
Delta Sparker (6000 joules)

Deep tow boomer with 600m cable

Geotechnical Equipment
Neptune 3000 coiled tube CPT
Neptune 5000 coiled tube CPT
Vibrocorer with 3 & 6m barrels
Drop corers with 3 & 6m barrels
OSIL Mega Box Corer 0.25m2
OSIL Van Veen Grabs
OSIL Vibrocorer up to 10m barrels, with workshop and stores container

Oceanographic winches
CT winch with hydraulic drive

We have a wide variety of high pressure compressors – ranging from 30CFM to 400CFM units – available for rental for seismic and industrial work. These include Reavell, Hamworth and Bauer electric and diesel units, and Bentley and Silicair breathing air dryers.

Compressors for industrial work are normally hired from our sister company Airbridge Compressors.

Please contact us or visit www.airbridgecompressors.com for further details.