Hirers & operators of seismic systems

Welcome to Exploration Electronics

Exploration Electronics specialises in the rental and operation of marine seismic systems for oil and gas exploration, hazardous site surveys and engineering investigations.

Our work has covered everything from ultra-high resolution surveys for wind farms and pipe routes to conventional high resolution work for oil exploration and hazard site surveys.

We regularly carry out shallow 2D surveys for research institutions and infill surveys for 3D datasets, which are very useful in shallow water unsuitable for 3D spreads. We also have extensive experience running multi-channel seismic surveys in water depths as shallow as four metres.

For further information on the equipment we offer please see Products & Services.

Along with equipment rental we also offer project planning support, advice on equipment selection, shipping and logistical services, and highly skilled technicians for installation and operation.

To enable fast and efficient mobilisation we have equipment stored around the world in areas of high activity. In the field equipment is operated by our technicians or the clients personnel.

Over the last three decades we have built our reputation on the quality of our results and our attention to detail. All our operations are full monitored by our central office in Beccles, so you can relax knowing that additional support is available at all times.

We are a leading supplier of seismic equipment and personnel worldwide. Our client base consists of long-term customers who have regular requirements for seismic data acquisition and clients with occasional and one off requirements, particularly in remote areas.

We have had a lot of success supporting clients in remote areas, who require single, fast solutions to gather high resolution seismic data.

Our field operations generally operate as autonomous projects and we have a reputation for innovative and well-trained field staff.

We also offer medium and high pressure compressor rental. Please visit www.airbridgecompressors.com for further details.